PSO -  Phil Spalding Organisation

Saturday, 10th August 2019

Presenting the genuine music of Mike Oldfield by those who actually played the stuff! e.g. Discovery + Crises + Moonlight Shadow + Shadow On The Wall + Get To France - Phil Spalding is here on the left. 8.4 MILLION Youtube Hits! Phil Spalding – The “Go To” Bassist. Performed & recorded with Mike Oldfield + Elton John + Mick Jagger + Robbie Williams + Kylie Minogue + Roger Daltrey & many more! The core band will include 2! musicians that have performed with Mike Oldfield Also acclaimed singer Belle Erskine from The Strictly Come Dancing TV show band is vocalist. She’s fantastic! Mike Oldfield is unlikely to ever record or tour come to The Cutlers Rotherham for this One-Off Special show and see the next best thing. But it IS The Real Thing! Tickets £17.50 -